We use artificial intelligence (AI) to help solve everyday problems

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Everyday Problems

Do you know the book Everybody Lies? It is a New York Times bestseller, written by the Ex-Googler and author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. The subtitle, Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are, sums up what it is all about. Human needs are reflected in search engine searches and user-generated contents. We explore these for hints of everyday problems. Therefore we use artificial intelligence (AI) and develop solutions following the 3-step cross-frontier approach:


Firstly, we take a look at what is already there. What about your current business model? With our AI-assistant IDEASCANNER we scan existing and new business ideas. We help you to put your business model to the test. As a result you will receive a detailed action plan.
Secondly, we take a look at what is out there on your customers’ side. We capture user-generated content from social media and analyze it with artificial intelligence for the everyday problems of many people. This has proven to be a catalyst for real innovation.
After that, we develop new business models with the gained insights. With proven methods such as IDEASCANNER, TRIZ, Design Sprint and Lean Startup, we support you in the generation and implementation of new business areas to boost your business value.

Partner of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)

We support the IHK initiative “Pack ma’s digital” in order to help the economy in Upper Bavaria with digitization and to secure the future of the region. So let’s go digital together and contact us.

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